Founded in 1998 by PSA members, Stagehand is the original live production welfare and benevolent fund. Our team of volunteer trustees oversee fundraising and distribution through task-specific funds.

The Covid-19 Crew Relief Fund.
It is widely recognised that live events were the first sector to be impacted by the Covid-19 Pandemic crisis and will be the last sector to return to sustainable activity. With a largely self employed workforce, many of whom have fallen into the gaps in Government support, and widespread redundancies amongst employees, Stagehand intends to raise funds to help those in most need, with the simple aim of helping to keep roofs over heads and food on tables.
The PSA Members' Fund
In 1998, inspired by the kindness shown towards a colleague and friend who had suffered a life changing illness, PSA members Launched the PSA Welfare and Benevolent Fund to help members, former members and their families who fall on hard times through illness or injury preventing them from working. Over the years, our grants have assisted many members of the live production family through tough times.
The Mental Health First Aid Training Fund
After helping several members who had suffered fom mental ill health, the trustees decided on a proactive project to improving our industry's approach to mental health. We encourage individual members to become Mental Health First Aiders by offering subsidised training with partner organisations.
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